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Until the Fat Man Sings


Desperate situations sometimes require desperate solutions.
When Irishman Mike Balmayne, a larger than life, hard-working, hard-playing oil executive, decides to take a vacation he does not bargain on getting entangled with international criminals. After extricating himself from a difficult situation, he never expects to see them again.
When his business partner does the dirty on him, destroying both his business and his family, he draws on skills previously gathered in the military. He also enlists the help of his new found criminal acquaintances in an ingenious but high-risk plan to recover his financial losses and take revenge on his business partner. Ideally he doesn’t want anyone to get hurt or land himself in prison. To do this, he must play with and against the criminal elements and the authorities in several countries. But Mike is fiercely determined and ultimately nothing, absolutely nothing will be allowed to stand in his way.

Place in the Sun

Place in the Sun end

This novel is set in Northern Ireland in 1994 as a fragile peace process began. Previous attempts had failed and many hard-liners thought this one would too. A dissident member of the Continuity IRA decides to carry on the fight in a unique way. The methods he intends to employ, on a large scale, look certain to bring Britain to its knees. The task for the various elements of the security forces is to discover what his intentions are and when and where they will be enacted. Their efforts are constantly thwarted by the ingenuity of the main protagonist who is unwittingly assisted by Mike Balmayne. Mike finds his own loyalties are tested to the very end.