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Location as inspiration (2) Sicilia


Mount Etna is erupting in the distance and wild seas are pounding the breakwater of the marina but with my sailing yacht snugly moored in a calm spot – where better to start writing the sequel to my first novel? Sicily as a whole has a fascinating history where almost all of the important nations in the world have trodden across its soil. Greeks, Romans, Moors, Vikings, Germans and the British to name but a few. All have left some legacy on this rugged landscape forged by consistent volcanic action over millennia.
The modern Sicilians will point to a map of the world and the fact the their island sits practically in the middle and refer to their home as the navel of all the lands.
The air is thick with influences that remain and the effect on the consciousness required to write has to be better than any drug.
Now with a Word document open and a virgin page filling my laptop screen I only have to begin typing to find the inspiration to take advantage of the riches surrounding me.