Location as inspiration – Venice, Italy.

Thanks to Jackie for her post on ‘Like Strawberry Tea’ http://likestrawberrytea.com/2013/03/18/writing-inspiration-an-island-cabin/ On a short break to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary a few seconds looking out the window of a Venetian hotel and a large chunk of my next book formed almost instantly. On first sight I thought the canal was a backwater but it proved to be on the main gondola route, dozens passed every hour despite the weather. Now consider their individual stories and a myriad of ideas spring to mind. So wherever you are don’t just look but see, don’t just hear but listen. The muse should flow naturally from that!

7 thoughts on “Location as inspiration – Venice, Italy.

    1. Albeit that I’m an old realist with experience (for that read cynic!) I did enjoy it and wanted to share it. I needed a hook to hang it on and your post on inspiration was that hook. So, thank you for your inspiration on inspiration! That credit had to be acknowledged.

  1. Sounds intriguing. I’m sure you could lose many a body in those canals, or transport illegal substances by gondola (or distribute clandestine migrants arriving by speedboat from Albania via Lampedusa – the usual route). The possibilities are endless. Look forward to reading it!

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